Let’s Journey Together…

My own journey has taken me along a great diversity of trails.  It started in my childhood growing up in Denver, Colorado and Oaxaca, Mexico.  In my adult life, I’ve traveled across oceans and walked the paths of at least four continents.  I have lived and worked among the poor and the affluent, the educated and uneducated, the faithful and the faithless, the prominent and the forgotten.  

At the age of 40, one of my best friends died of cancer, initiating a soul searching time of reflection in my life.  This culminated in a decision to leave the field of public education where I had served as a teacher, coach, and school administrator for nearly 20 years.  Taking a year-long sabbatical, I found myself on a new path. Stepping away from the hurried lifestyle I’d been living, I had the opportunity to slow down and spend 40 days living in silence with a small monastic community in the South Texas desert.  Learning to listen to God more intently has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

I discovered a deeper journey in my relationship with God and saw Him bring a new level of healing and wholeness into my relationships with my wife of 29 years and our four children. Since that time, I have walked the Camino de Santiago in Portugal and Spain several times, making new friends along the way. It has been a trail of transformation for me, teaching me to embrace the journey, living in the present moment with all of its joys and sorrows. Through adversity God shapes our lives and practice of the Spiritual Disciplines allows us to cooperate with Him in the process.

The journey continues to teach me about the ways God's love reaches into our lives each day and transforms us.  I still see a spiritual director on a regular basis while providing spiritual direction for others. My conviction is that the best spiritual direction comes from someone who receives spiritual direction. My formal education and background is in Theology and Education. Even though I’ve spent over 25 years focused on helping others grow in a variety of contexts, I come to contemplative life first and foremost as a practitioner.

I find great joy in helping individuals to cultivate a deeper, more authentic spiritual life. I’m a fellow pilgrim who embraces the idea that we are closest to God when we come to Him acknowledging our own scruffy poverty.  Our very brokenness, which once separated us from God, becomes a conduit of grace for Him to demonstrate His unconditional love both to us and through us. The life God intends for us should proceed from the overflow of our relationship with Him. Contemplative prayer and growing our inner lives can help us to learn God’s love more fully. The process could be summed up as “Learn Love, Live Love, Change the World”.

Are you an individual or small group interested in receiving Spiritual Direction? I’m excited about the prospect of helping you discover the pathways God is calling you to travel. Let’s set up an introductory meeting online to explore the possibility of taking this journey together. You can contact me using the form below.  

Embrace the journey!

Rob Pennison

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