Psalm 119:105

105 Your word is a lamp to my feet
    and a light to my path.


What does it mean to have God provide us with enough light for our feet on the path ahead?  Often I wish the entire path would be illuminated before me.  That I could see with great detail everything that lies ahead.  Surely then I could avoid the pitfalls, have a long term strategy, and rest secure in the knowledge that my future is mapped out.  Except-- that I have already been given these things by God Himself in His word.  

His word gives me illumination for the path ahead.  I have just enough light for the next couple of steps which is more than sufficient.  Here is a question worthy of consideration:  Once I have done everything I can, what about my plans for the future are God-sized and God-dependent?  God has wisely given me his Word, just enough light for the next few steps.  Beyond that?  He asks me to trust him.  He asks me to let him lead the way.  He asks me to give up my small ambitions.  He asks me to walk behind him as he speaks his word to me.


Are my plans sized for my own capabilities or for God's?


O Lord, sometimes what I call following your ways is really just a plan which neatly falls into my own capabilities.  What I consider faith is just self-confidence.  Teach me to risk more.  Help me to accept that whatever you call me to do will always be more to your scale than to mine.   If I walk with you and rely on your strength, I do not need to worry that the things you call me to are God-sized.  Let me be a part of your plans today instead of asking you to be a part of mine.