On Using the Devotional

This devotional is best used along with a form of prayer that dates back to the early church called Lectio Divina.  For more on Contemplative Prayer see my blog post on that topic.  

Lectio Divina means divine reading.  It is a form of scripture reading and prayer that is distinct from other forms of Bible study or prayer.  The goal in Lectio Divina is to listen to what God may be saying to you.  Communion with God rathe than analysis of the passage.  Through the practice of repetition and and reflection one listens for words or phrases that have particular resonance on that day.

Read the passage slowly and aloud four times, taking a few minutes to pause after each as follows:

Read: On the first reading, simply listen to the words read aloud.

Reflect: On the second reading, ask, What in the passage touches my life today?

Respond: After the third reading, ask yourself, What is God inviting me to do today?

Rest: During the fourth and final reading, ask nothing, simply rest in the presence of the Lord and experience His guidance through the Word.

Reinhold, Amy; Reinhold, Judge (2007-12-04). Be Still: 31 Days to a Deeper Meditative Prayer Life (Kindle Locations 473-476). Howard Books. Kindle Edition. 

There are two ways you can use the devotional.

As a Lectio Divina Reading:  Feel free to use the passages that I have selected each day and do four readings and your own reflection.

As a Regular Devotional Reading:  A brief insight is included with a question for reflection below the passage.

I encourage you to take a few minutes at the end of your reading and reflection to journal your thoughts and/or discuss them if you are praying with others.

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